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Stratospheric balloon campaign at the Arctic Space Centre in Sodankylä

The image shows part of the FMI's infrastructure in Sodankylä in mid-March 2023. Photo courtesy of Rigel Kivi (FMI).

A series of stratospheric balloon launches took place in March/April 2023 at the Arctic Space Centre in Sodankylä. The balloon payloads carried ozone sondes and multiple particle/radiation sensors from the surface up to the stratosphere (~30 km altitude).

The aim of the balloon campaign was to investigate energetic particle and radiation environment in the lower stratosphere and the effects of energetic particle precipitation on the stratospheric chemistry. The balloon borne stratospheric measurements also provided a possibility to intercompare various radiation sensors. Some of the sensors flown on balloons over Sodankylä have been developed for deployment within space missions.

An international team of researchers contributed to the campaign activities from the Space Science Institute in Boulder, USA; University of Colorado; Finnish Meteorological Institute; Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory; University of Reading in UK; The German Aerospace Center DLR in Köln Germany; ASRO (Aboa Space Research Oy) and the University of Turku.

More information

Dr. Rigel Kivi, Senior Research Scientist, Finnish Meteorological Institute,

Dr. Lauren Blum, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Dr. Michael H. Denton, Space Science Institute, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Prof. Pekka Verronen, Finnish Meteorological Institute and University of Oulu,

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